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As an independent theatre, we usually meet new creatives with every new project. Throughout the years, our theatre company had a chance to work with incredible people and every one of them brought something new to our creative vision and contributed to our growth for which the founders will be forever grateful. Here you can read about some of them.

Juliana Sersenova

Founder and Former Director


Juliana is the main founder of the theatre. If it wasn't for her, this project would have never come to life. She was the head of the theatre until 2020. Her passion to make theatre anywhere she goes is the reason our company exists. However, her life journey led her to move back to Slovakia where she settled and started a new amazing chapter of her life. She is still involved as our formal and emotional support in our theatre's development while keeping an eye on the artistic vision. Prior to her leave, she wrote the scripts and coordinated the collaborative direction. Her theatre activity among Slovak migrants in London began in 2009. She maintained the existence of the theatre by producing approximately one theatre production a year since 2009. Initially in Slovakia, she trained as a secondary school teacher. She first directed at a students' theatre (2003 - 2007). Consequently, she was devising theatre with children (2006) and she has been devising with young adults in London since 2008. Her work with both amateur and trained actors in London was reflected on during MA Applied Theatre studies at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2015.

Petra Čornaková


Petra performs in Academy for Women. She has recently completed her Master‘s degree in Physical Acting at the University of Kent. She gained experience mainly through her previous studies in Theatre and Performing Arts in London - BTEC in Performing Arts and BA in Drama and Theatre Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. She has previously worked as a theatre maker, director, deviser, drama club teacher, site-specific practitioner and was part of numerous community projects involving local and elderly people with dementia. She is currently living and carrying on making theatre in Prešov, Slovakia.

Jana Jenčová


Jana performs in Mum, what did you want?. She comes from Dlhé Klčovo, Slovakia, she studied acting in Banská Bytrica at the Academy of Arts. For four years she worked in Café Theatre Burlesque in Palma de Mallorca as an actress and an author of plays based on physical theatre. At the moment Jana lives and works in Berkhampsted.

Monika Šimková


Monika performs in Mum, what did you want?. She was born in Banská Bystrica, studied acting at the Conservatory of J. Adamovič in Košice and graduated a year-long course at East 15 Acting School in London. She currently works in London and is looking at her options of further education.

Barbora Trubačová


Barbora performs in Mum, what did you want? She comes from Ostrava, Czech Republic. She is currently studying Advertising, PR and Branding at Middlesex University in London. She studied classical singing at the Janáček Conservatoire in Ostrava and got involved in theatre productions at the Waldorf Lyceum in Ostrava. She enjoys acting as well as the backstage work - production assistance and PR. 

Jazmína Jablončíková



Jazmína performed in Mum, what did you want? She’s a daughter of Slovaks who has settled in Romania, she is from the town of Oradea. Jazmína did her bachelor’s degree in Cinematography and Media in Kluz and continues with studying Filmmaking at the University of East London.

Katarina Sliacka

Music Composer

Katarína composed and recorded all piano parts in Academy for Women. She made up the tune for the song 'The Woman'. She graduated from The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, achieving MA in Choir Conducting. Previously, she trained as a secondary school music teacher at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra. Katarína prepared all music arrangements for the previous STL production Migrants' Rhapsody, including the composition of the music to the song 'Loneliness' and recorded all piano parts for the Rhapsody sounds. Katarina is an excellent piano player and teacher, with a passion for innovative composition.

Zuzana Šťastná 


Zuzana performs in Academy for Women and she has recorded songs for Mum what did you want. She graduated from the Catholic Conservatoire in Bratislava in performing arts. Consequently, she achieved diploma in musical theatre after two-year studies at the same school. She is a highly experienced singer, past member of BL Gospel Choir based in Vienna and Sway Band from Prievidza, Slovakia. She is currently touring Europe with the international theatre project Live Statues. Living in London, she carried on developing her passion in musical theatre by completing a specialized course in musical acting.

Simon Kopunec


Simon performs in Academy for Women. He has recently graduated from The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, completing the five-year course (BA + MA) in classical acting, following his previous secondary school studies of performing arts at State Conservatoire Bratislava. He has got rich on stage experience  and is currently involved in various Slovak theatres such as the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava or the City Theatre in Trenčín. He also makes apperances in Slovak films and TV series. Simon is a dedicated singer of the BL Gospel Choir from Vienna.

Lukáš  Bozik


Lukáš performs in Mum, what did you want?. He comes from Handlová. He studied journalism and for years he acted in an alternative student theatre VYDI at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra and a few drama companies in the region he’s from. Lukas lives and works in London.

Matěj Paprčiak



Matěj joined the crew in February 2017, excited he can finally fulfil his long-time dream to perform in a serious theatre production - he acted in Academy for Women. Matěj is an experienced model and works for prestigious model agencies in Prague and in London. He is of a mixed Slovak and Czech origin and he popped into STL members whilst studying MA Business Management at the Middlesex University in  London. Participation at STL helped him to gain necessary acting skills as well as the understanding of the challenging process of a theatre show preparation.

Klaudia Tomanová



Klaudia acted in Academy for Women. She already had a chance to shine as an actress in three countries; Slovakia, the UK and the US, where she was taught by some of the very successful Broadway actors. She was a proud cast of the musical The Producers in California. She is also a fresh graduate from BA Theatre Arts at Middlesex University in London. She was performing as Rebecca/Becky in the STL production Academy for Women in 2017. Klaudia is also a blogger at where she blogs and makes regular YouTube videos under the name CLOWD. She is also a passionate stand-up comedian.

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