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Work in Progress:
The Portraits of Slovak & Czech Britain

We are working on a new project with the working title: The Portraits of Slovak and Czech Britain. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support this amazing idea. You can donate on in pounds or in euros. Click the buttons below to find out more on how you can support us.

In its new project, our creative team with some new cast and crew members will return to the theme of the migration of Slovaks and Czechs. We have explored a similar topic in two of our past shows. This time, however, we will focus on migration waves across generations. The inspiration for the project is the new book "The Streets of London Are Paved With Gold" by the writer Zuzana Slobodova, who has lived in London since 1968. The book captures portraits of five important personalities and short stories that depict the world of Slovak and Czech emigrants in Great Britain - from wandering to success. The theatrical production will point out how different decisions affect the fate of migrants. However, the main goal of the overall project is to show that in Britain we have many successful Slovaks and Czechs from different generations and we have a lot to be proud of. We want to make these people visible abroad as well as at home. In its essence, the project will be a legacy of the past, present, and future of "Slovak & Czech Britain".

The project will be multi-format and multi-layered, using several artistic forms: theatre production, exhibition, documentary, and book. It will have a production/preparation phase, a presentation phase, and a post-production phase. 

We are happy to announce some amazing collaborations on this project including a renowned Slovak photographer based in Oxford Robert Viglasky who was the main photographer for the Peaky Blinders series, Hapaca Studio, Velehrad London, Czech and Slovak School Okenko, Slovak School and Community Manchester, both embassies and many more...!

The opening night of the show and exhibition is planned for the autumn of 2024. The documentary film will premiere in 2025.

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